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    Palliative Care
    There is a limit for cure, but no limit for care
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    Welcome to Dr.Dhiliwal’s
    Pain and Palliative Care

Welcome to Dr.Dhiliwal’s

Pain & Palliative Care

About us

When a person is diagnosed with life threatening diseases like Cancer, the trauma is not only for the patient but for the whole family.

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Palliative Care (pronounced pal-lee-uh-tiv) is a medical subspecialty provided by doctors who offer medical care for people who are seriously ill.

Palliative Care is multi-disciplinary approach, provided by Palliative Care Specialists, Nurses, Social Workers, Counselors, occupational therapists.

Palliative care can be provided to Patient's of any age & at any stage in a life-limiting illness. Palliative Care should be provided early in the course of illness..

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We provide palliative care treatment at home to provide you the best service at your time and convenience

We provide Patient's/caregivers and their loved ones Emotional and Spiritual support and guidance along-with Physical symptom Management.

We guide Patient's and caregivers in making a plan for better quality of life, based on the needs, concerns and goals for care.

  • Mr Gupta

    Patient's son

    "Dr Dhiliwal's Pain & Palliative Care services have helped me and my family to re-live without any pain, discomfort and stress. Highest regards to Dr Dhiliwal"

  • Renu

    Patient's Daughter

    "We were totally down and helpless to see mom sufferring every minute, after introduction to Dr Dhiliwal's palliative treatment, all her sufferings were under control. There was tremendous improvement in the overall quality of life. High recommendation for Dr Dhiliwal's"

  • Bhavin

    Patient's son

    "We use to admit papa atleast twice a month for his breathing difficulty from last several years, after Dr Dhiliwal's home-based care consultation, his condition improved drastically and since last seven months we have not even admitted once. Thanks so much for caring such Patient's."

  • Jigi

    Patient's daughter

    "My father was bed bound with lot of difficulties especially dyspnoea & weakness. He could not even speak that extreme breathlessness.... after Dr Dhiliwal's intervention and regular care at home, his overall general condition have improved to an extent that we all started living our normal life without fear . Now he goes to garden and office on his wheel chair, talks on phone. All thanks and blessings to Dr Dhiliwal's Care provision."

  • Ms Mahtani

    Patient's Wife

    "Dr Dhiliwal is just a phone call away, all the anxiety, fear, questions are answered so calmly and in simple ways that makes life easy for the patient and caregivers like us. My blessings to you my son. I recommend you highly, you are like an angel to the patient and family."



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